Monday, July 26, 2010

China IPTV-What is the short board?

Read this news today, "IPTV slow growth UT Starcom hunger gap", could not help but ahead of the game.鏄?ah, IPTV in China is facing many challenges, manufacturers are miserable. Three challenges mentioned in this document: "IPTV market needs to go through the volume, business models and other sectors to determine"
"IPTV is not, after all, PHS, although the prospects of their policies have blurred." China IPTV short board only these? The most serious short-board that?

First is the relatively low economic level and consumption level, and thus will require a relatively low price level of IP TV services, which operators, content providers and technology vendors will be a great challenge. This means that the same equipment with the foreign price level, foreign content on the basis of purchase price, the domestic IP television practitioners would be well below the profit level of foreign counterparts, this is a worse than foreign counterparts, living environment, such as the price of set-top box has been a constraining factor. Of course, this also means opportunities for the domestic industry, as we have in the home appliance industry catch up with foreign counterparts.

Second, because of policy restrictions, the domestic IP TV can not do as PCCW in Hong Kong, simply copy the cable television business model, how to explore a situation for domestic IP TV business model is a bigger challenge. Solution of this problem on the one hand by industry and regulatory authorities to fully interactive, research interests of a win-win situation, and solve regulatory content of most concern to security issues, for the policy loosening. On the other hand I think the challenge is domestic IP television industry opportunities. Because simply copy the cable television business is a kind of telecom operators and cable operators lose-lose situation, not to tap the true value of IP television - that is personalized and interactive viewing experience, as well as the content segment of the market and so on.

Can we have the wisdom of this innovation, experience and ability to take full advantage of the capacity of the Chinese market and its unique nature, such as VCD, Monternet as to create a unique pattern in China?

Innovation by whom? "What the twenty-first century, the most expensive?" Is a talent or a team, is not only understands technology, but also understands the media, but also understands operations, but also understands the policy of talent or team. Of course in the world, for the IP television industry, this is a new challenge, but challenges still prominent in this country, in particular, is the lack of media industry the full development of the market. How to explore the potential of IP TV technology and the real value? How to inherit the traditional business model, how to create a new business model? How to build low-cost, fine operating system? These require people to solve. If anyone can integrate out such a team, or who can integrate a cooperative industry chain structure, whoever will be the IP TV star.

But who can I? Telecommunications? Or broadcasting? When the head of our personnel decisions are ass, when our people's eyes were blinded by Standard interests, you can expect us to have the wisdom it? The results can only be Mangrenmoxiang, a spared from war, we all struggle in stalemate, struggle in the cut-throat competition, "Red Sea" in. As the "bucket Theorem topics for" the article noted, "the entire community due to lack of a common communication platform and compatible interests-driven mechanism, making human society a lot of resources and energy in the Brownian movement disorder consumed." So I think the most serious shortcomings or were unable to reach an effective collaborative industry, telecommunications / broadcasting conflicts, IPTV standards are derived from this battle.

When I saw the many Web2.0 Blog discussing, in 365key occurred on knowledge sharing, collective wisdom, I see hope. So I suggest you put aside status, background aside, the line to (real name, a pseudonym can be), with a Blog, Web tools such exchanges Abstract up with the whole picture before we see clearly.

Matt said, a good month: "In the blog circles, some circles in the real lack of communication of new ideas, new views can be obtained easily, some can be easily self-righteous view of the severely PK."


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